Rame Slide Rails


Product Code: 6043

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  • Silver metal
  • Sold as a pair
  • Steel construction with adjustable handle
  • Made to provide long-lasting durability
  • Mounting patterns include: 11.5" top mounting and 11" bottom mounting
  • All hardware included

Please Note: Only fits the following seats. **WILL NOT WORK WITH OEM SEAT**

(PN: 8017 is Black Vinyl, 8028 is Gray Vinyl or 8027 is Yellow Vinyl)

(PN: 7937 is Black Vinyl, 8007 is Gray Vinyl or 8135 is Camo Vinyl)

(PN: 6842 is Black Vinyl)

(PN: 7104 is Black Vinyl, 7102 is Gray Vinyl, 7103 is Yellow Vinyl or 8166 is Camo Vinyl)

(PN: 7488 is Black Vinyl or 7958 is Brown Vinyl)

(PN: 7489 is Black Vinyl)

(PN: 8108 is Black Vinyl)

(PN: 8135 is Camo Vinyl, 7927 is Yellow Vinyl, 7937 is Black Vinyl, 8007 is Gray Vinyl, 6799 is Yellow Vinyl w/Hinge Bracket or 6800 is Camo Vinyl w/Hinge Bracket)