John Deere Tractor Seat Assembly - Fits Various Models - Brown Cloth


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John Deere Aftermarket Seat Assembly For Tractors

*Will Only Fit If Tractor Was Equipped With Original Grammer Seat And MSG83 Mechanical Or MSG93 Air Suspension*

*Will Not Fit Any Model Listed If Original Seat Was A Grammer DS44. Will Not Fit If Original Seat Has An Integrated Swivel*

*Please Verify All Measurements And Model Numbers (The WHOLE Model Number). In Some Cases, Particular Machines Have Multiple Options. It Is Up To You To Decide For Sure If This Item Fits Your Machine. If You Need Help, Please Call Or Email Us.*


  • Deluxe water-resistant fabric covering
  • Contoured foam cushions to ensure operator comfort
  • Adjustable integrated backrest folds forward and reclines
  • Backrest extension for added height adjustment
  • 3-position lumbar support to help prevent lower back pains
  • Fold-up armrests
  • Durable document pouch stores owner's manual and other valuables
  • Adjustable slide rails from 6.5" - 13" side-to-side for universal fit
  • Accepts flange bolt mount operator presence switch

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Fits John Deere® Tractors (With Original Grammer Seat And MSG83 Mechanical Or MSG93 Air Suspension): 5083E, 5085E, 5093E, 5101E, 5220, 5225, 5320, 5325, 5420, 5425, 5520, 5525, 5603, 5625, 6110, 6110L, 6120, 6120L, 6200, 6200L, 6210, 6210L, 6215, 6220, 6220L, 6230, 6300, 6300L, 6310, 6310L, 6320, 6330, 6400, 6400L, 6403, 6405, 6410, 6410L, 6415, 6420, 6430, 6500, 6500L, 6510L, 6603, 6605, 6615, 6715, 7130, 7230, 7330