John Deere RE18754 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit


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John Deere RE18754 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit

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Press In Wiper
Rod Seal: Vee Set
Piston Seal: "SA" Vee Set

Rod: 1.75"
Bore: 3.25"

Fits John Deere® Applications: 

Backhoe Attachment

92 Backhoe Attachment (Stabilizer, Boom, Crowd)

93 Backhoe Attachment (Stabilizer)

93A Backhoe Attachment (Stabilizer)

94 Backhoe Attachment (Stabilizer)

97 Backhoe Attachment (Stabilizer)

9250 Backhoe Attachment (Stabilizer

9250A Backhoe Attachment (Stabilizer)

9400 Backhoe Attachment (Stabilizer)

9405 Backhoe Attachment (Stabilizer - S/N: Prior 700422)

9410 Backhoe Attachment (Stabilizer)

9450 Backhoe Attachment (Stabilizer)

9550 Backhoe Attachment (Stabilizer)

9700 Backhoe Attachment (Stabilizer)

9705 Backhoe Attachment (Stabilizer - S/N: Prior 700717)

Crawler Tractor-Loader

350 Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

350B Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

350C Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

350D Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

355D Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

450 Crawler Tractor-Loader (Grapple, Backhoe Stabilizer)

450B Crawler Tractor-Loader (Grapple, Backhoe Stabilizer)

450C Crawler Tractor-Loader (Loader Bucket Tilt - S/N: 205021-Up, Grapple, Backhoe Stabilizer)

450D Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

450E Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

455D Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer, Bucket Tilt)

455E Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer, Bucket Tilt)

550 Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

550A Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

550B Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

555 Crawler Tractor-Loader (Bucket Tilt Grapple)

555A Crawler Tractor-Loader (Bucket Tilt)

555B Crawler Tractor-Loader (Bucket Tilt) 


300B Loader/Backhoe (Backhoe Stabilizer)

302A Loader/Backhoe (Backhoe Stabilizer)

310 Loader/Backhoe (Backhoe Stabilizer)

310A Loader/Backhoe (Backhoe Stabilizer - S/N: Prior 700422 - w/9405 Only)

310B Loader/Backhoe (Backhoe Stabilizer - S/N: Prior 700422 - w/9405 Only)

401C Loader/Backhoe (Backhoe Stabilizer)

401D Loader/Backhoe (Backhoe Stabilizer)

410 Loader/Backhoe (Backhoe Stabilizer)

500A Loader/Backhoe (Backhoe Stabilizer - 97, 9700 Only)

500C Loader/Backhoe (Backhoe Stabilizer - S/N: Prior 700717) 

Motor Grader

670 Motor Grader (Rear Steering)

670A Motor Grader (Rear Steering)

672A Motor Grader (Rear Steering)

770 Motor Grader (Circle Sideshift)

770A Motor Grader (Circle Sideshift)

770B Motor Grader (Circle Sideshift)

772A Motor Grader (Circle Sideshift)

772B Motor Grader (Circle Sideshift - S/N: Prior 525344)


440 Skidder (Backhoe Stabilizer)

440A Skidder (Backhoe Stabilizer)

440B Skidder (Backhoe Stabilizer)

3605 Grapple (Boom - S/N: 10201-Up, Grapple - S/N: 10201-Up)

Wheel Loader

300 Wheel Loader (Backhoe Boom, Backhoe Crowd, Backhoe Stabilizer)

400 Wheel Loader (Backhoe Boom, Backhoe Crowd, Backhoe Stabilizer)

401A Wheel Loader (Backhoe Boom, Backhoe Crowd, Backhoe Stabilizer)

444 Wheel Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

444C Wheel Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

444CH Wheel Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

544 Wheel Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer, Grapple)

544A Wheel Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer, Grapple)

544B Wheel Loader (Grapple)

544C Wheel Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

644 Wheel Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

644A Wheel Loader (Backhoe Stabilizer)

This Item Is A Brand New Aftermarket Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit. Matches OEM Kit, All Parts And Seals Are Included.