John Deere RE10640 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit


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John Deere RE10640 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit

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*This Is A Special Order Seal Kit And May Take Up To 7 Days To Ship, Please Plan Accordingly*

Press In Wiper
Rod Seal: Vee Set
Piston Seal: "SA" Vee Set

Rod: 2.25"
Bore: 4.50"

Fits John Deere® Applications:

Backhoe Attachment

93 Backhoe Attachment (Boom)

93A Backhoe Attachment (Boom)

94 Backhoe Attachment (Boom)

95 Backhoe Attachment (Boom)

95A Backhoe Attachment (Boom)

97 Backhoe Attachment (Boom)

9400 Backhoe Attachment (Boom)

9700 Backhoe Attachment (Boom)

Crawler Tractor-Loader

350 Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Boom)

350B Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Boom)

350C Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Boom)

450 Crawler Tractor-Loader (Loader Boom Lift, Backhoe Boom)

450B Crawler Tractor-Loader (Loader Boom Lift, Backhoe Boom)

450C Crawler Tractor-Loader (Backhoe Boom)


500A Loader/Backhoe (Backhoe Boom)


440 Skidder (Backhoe Boom)

440A Skidder (Backhoe Boom)

440B Skidder (Backhoe Boom)

Wheel Loader

400 Wheel Loader (Backhoe Boom)

401A Wheel Loader (Backhoe Boom)

544 Wheel Loader (Backhoe Boom)

544A Wheel Loader (Backhoe Boom)

644 Wheel Loader (Backhoe Boom)

644A Wheel Loader (Backhoe Boom)

This Item Is A Brand New Aftermarket Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit. Matches OEM Kit, All Parts And Seals Are Included.