Hitachi AT165110 Work Light


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Hitachi AT165110 Work Light

**Alternate Part Number 4326800**

24 Volt - 70 Watt Light H3 Bulb
High Impact Plastic Case and Lens Resist Breakage.
Adjustable and Includes All Mounting Hardware

Fits: EX100-2,EX100-3 ,EX100M-3, EX100M-5, EX1100, EX1100-3, EX110-5, EX1200-6, EX120-5, EX150, EX160LC-5, EX1800-2, EX1900-5, EX1900-6, EX200LC-2, EX200LC-3, EX200LC-5, EX220LC-3, EX230LC-5, EX2500-6, EX270LC, EX270LC-5, EX300LC, EX300LC-2, EX300LC-3, EX300LC-3C, EX330LC-5, EX3500-2, EX3500-3, EX3600-6, EX3600E-6, EX370-5, EX400LC, EX400LC-3, EX400LC-3C, EX450LC-5, EX5500-6, EX5500E-6, EX5600-7B, EX700, EX750-5, EX8000-6, ZX75US, ZX80, ZX120, ZX120-3, ZX130-5N, ZX135US, ZX135US-3, ZX135US-5N, ZX160LC, ZX160LC-3, ZX160LC-5N, ZX180LC-5N, ZX200LC, ZX200LC-3, ZX210-5A, ZX210-5N, ZX210LC-5A, ZX210LC-5N, ZX225US-3, ZX225USLC, ZX225USLC-3, ZX230LC, ZX240LC-3, X245USLC-5N, ZX245USLC-6N, ZX250LC-5N, ZX270LC, ZX270LC-3, ZX290LC-5N, ZX330LC, ZX350LC-3, ZX350LC-5A, ZX350LC-5N, ZX370, ZX380LC-5N, ZX450LC, ZX450LC-3, ZX470LC-5B, ZX600LC, ZX650LC-3, ZX670LC-5B, ZX800, ZX850LC-3, ZX870LC-5B

This is a brand new aftermarket item.