High-Back Truck Seat/Backrest Cover Kit - Black/Gray


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  • Durable 900-Denier Polyester-Canvas Two-Tone Fabric material made to last during the long haul
  • Side cinch-down lacing system allows for a snug, comforting fit
  • Universal design made to stay in place
  • Multiple exterior pockets located on front, sides and back
  • Liquid and stain resistant
  • Fits high-back truck seats with headrests and backrest measuring 28" - 35" (from the top of seat cushion to the top of backrest)

Available Color Options:

  • Stylish Two-Tone Black/Black Fabric (PN: 9106)
  • Stylish Two-Tone Black/Gray Fabric (PN: 9107)

Please Note: Not to be used on seat with integrated airbag and/or integrated seat belt.

High-Back or Mid-Back Seats With or Without Armrests Including Seats Inc., Bostrom, National, Sears, Knoedler, Wise, etc. High-Back Cover Fits Truck Seats With 28" - 35" Backrest (Measuring From Top of Seat Cushion to Top of Backrest)