Eagle Picher R50 Forklift Bucket Seat - Black Vinyl


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Eagle Picher Aftermarket Bucket Seat For R50 Forklift


  • Milsco XB180 Seat
  • Heavy-duty vinyl covering
  • Durable blow molded plastic frame is corrosion resistant
  • Foam cushions to ensure operator comfort
  • Vacuum formed waterproof vinyl
  • Central drain hole prevents water build-up
  • Slide rails with 6" of travel come attached
  • Accepts two operator presence switches, flange mount
  • Gray vinyl comes standard with one normally open OPS
  • Mounting pattern: 11.25" x 11" (W x L)

Available Color Options:

  • Black Vinyl (PN: 8643)
  • Gray Vinyl (PN: 8642)

Available Options:

  • Armrest Kit (PN: 7947)
  • Seat Belt Bracket Kit Necessary with Part Numbers 7911 & 7925 (PN: 6002)
  • Lap Belt Kit (PN: 7911)
  • Retractable Seat Belt Kit (PN: 7925)
  • Retractable Seat Belt with Switch - 47" Long (PN: 8443)
  • Seat Adapter Plate (PN: 6074)
  • Operator Presence Switch Kit - Normally Open (PN: 8665)
  • Operator Presence Switch Kit - Normally Closed (PN: 8668)

When installing optional Armrest Kit (PN: 7947) on this seat, holes for the armrest kit must be drilled in the side plastic (no factory holes present).

Fits Eagle Picher® Forklift: R50