Heavy Duty Mechanical Suspension


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Heavy Duty Mechanical Suspension


  • Heavy-duty mechanical suspension
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Wide base provides stability
  • 4" suspension travel
  • 8" maximum height
  • Durable suspension cover to keep components free of dirt and dust

Available Maintenance Items:

  • Replacement Weight Adjustment Knob (PN: 8464) 

Fits Caterpillar® Dozers (must also replace the original seat with P/N: 8021): 550E, 550G, 650G, 850E, 850G, 1150G, D3, D3B LGP, D4D, D4D, D4D LGP, D4D SA, D4E, D6D, D7G SA, D8K, D9G, D9H, D3B, D3C LGP, D3C LGP III, D3 XL II, D4H, D4H II, D4H LGP II, D5, D5 LGP, D5C III, D5H XL, D5H XL III, D5M LGP, D5M XL, D6D LGP, D6D PS, D6H II, D6H DS LGP, D6H, D6H II, D6H DS LGP, D6H DS XL II, D6H LGP II, D6H LGP III, D6H LT, D6H XL, D6H XL II, D7, D7C, D7E, D7F, D7G, D7G LGP, D7H LGP, D8K, D8L, D9H, D9L, D10

Fits Caterpillar® Excavator (must also replace the original seat with P/N: 8014): 245B

Fits Caterpillar® Wheel Loaders (must also replace the original seat with P/N: 8021): 621, 621B, 721, 721B, 821, 821B, 916, 920, 921, 921B, 926E, 936, 950B, W11, W11B, W14B, W14C, W14FL, W18, W18B, W20, W20B, W20C, W24C, W36

Fits Dresser® Dozers (must also replace the original seat with P/N: 8021): TD7H, TD8H, TD9H, TD12C, TD15E, TD20E, TD25E, TD40C

Fits Gehl® Telehandlers: DL-7L, DL-9L, DL11H-55, DL11L-55, RS5-19, RS6-34 (SN 22451 & Up), RS6-42 (SN Beginning with 14551), RS8-42, RS8-42 (SN Beginning with 17151), RS8-44, RS8-44 (SN Beginning with 17151), RS10-44, RS10-55
Replaces Gehl® Part Number: L68496

Fits John Deere® Wheel Loaders (must also replace the original seat with P/N 8021): 344E, 444C, 444CH, 444D, 444E, 544C, 544D, 644C, 644D, 844

Fits Komatsu® Backhoe Loaders (must also replace the original seat with P/N: 8014 and must also replace the original swivel with P/N: 5005): WB93R-2, WB93R-5, WB97R-2, WB97R-5, WB97R-5EO, WB97S-2, WB97S-5, WB97S-5EO, WB140-2, WB140PS-2, WB146-5, WB146PS-5, WB150-2, WB150AWS-2, WB150PS-

Fits Komatsu® Dozers (drilling may be required and must also replace P/N: 8021): D31E-20, D31P-17, D31P-18, D31P-20, D32E, D32E-1, D37E-5, D37P-5A, D38E, D38E-1, D39E-1, D41A-3, D41P-3, D41P-6, D41P-6K, D41S-3, D53A-16, D53A-17, D53P-16, D53P-17, D53S-16, D53S-17, D57S-1, D58E-1, D58P-1, D60P-8, D60P-11, D60P-12, D65A-8, D65E-8, D65E-12, D65EX-12, D65P-8, D65S-1, D65S-6, D75S-3, D75S-5, D85A-18, D85A-21, D85E-18, D85E-21, D85P-18, D85P-21, D135A-1, D155A-1, D355A-3, D455A-1, WD600-1

Fits Komatsu® Wheel Loaders: WA70-1, WA100-1, WA120-1, WA150-1, WA180-1, WA200-1, WA250-1, WA300-1, WA320-1, WA350-1, WA380-1, WA400-1, WA420-1, WA450-1, WA450-2, WA470-1, WA500-1, WA600-1, WA700-1, WA800-1, WA800-2, WA900-1