Caterpillar 2478888 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit


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Caterpillar 2478888 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit

**Please Verify Kit Before Ordering**

Use With OEM Cylinder Numbers: 2426744, 2426756

2 PC Piston

Press In Wiper
Rod Seal: U-Seal & Buffer
Piston Seal: Piston Seal

Rod: 85.00 MM
Bore: 120.00 MM

Fits Caterpillar® Excavator Applications:

319D Excavator (Bucket - S/N: AYF1-Up, BZH1-Up, DAY1-Up, EAW1-Up, FMH1-Up, KFM1-Up, KRM1-Up, RJP1-Up, WBJ1-Up, ZCA1-Up, ZGZ1-Up)

320D Excavator (Bucket - S/N: A6F1-Up, A8F1-Up, A9F1-Up, BWW1-Up, BZF1-Up, BZP1-Up, CXY1-Up, DHE1-Up, DHK1-Up, EAX1-Up,  EBY1-Up, EJT1-Up, FAL1-Up, FXK1-Up, GDP1-Up, GKL1-Up, GKS1-Up, GMX1-Up, HJC1-Up, JFZ1-Up, JGZ1-Up, KGF1-Up, KHN1-Up, KLM1-Up, KTF1-Up, MCH1-Up, MDE1-Up, MGG1-Up, PCM1-Up, PCX1-Up, PHX1-Up, SPN1-Up, SRT1-Up, TAE1-Up, TDH1-Up, WBN1-Up, WFD1-Up, XCK1-Up, YDS1-Up, ZGB1-Up)

320D L Excavator (Bucket - S/N: A6F1-Up, A8F1-Up, A9F1-Up, CXY1-Up, DHK1-Up, FAL1-Up, JFZ1-Up, JGZ1-Up, KGF1-Up, MCH1-Up, MDE1-Up, MGG1-Up, PHX1-Up)

320D LN Excavator (Bucket - S/N: WBN1-Up)

320D LRR Excavator (Bucket - S/N: EBY1-Up, FXK1-Up, GKL1-Up, TAE1-Up, WFD1-Up, XCK1-Up, ZGB1-Up)

320D RR Excavator (Bucket - S/N: EBY1-Up, FXK1-Up, GKL1-Up, WFD1-Up, XCK1-Up, YDS1-Up)

321D LCR Excavator (Bucket - S/N: KBZ1-Up, MDT1-Up, MPG1-Up, NAS1-Up, PBD1-Up, TXA1-Up)

323D Excavator (Bucket - S/N: BYM1-Up, CWG1-Up, CYD1-Up, DKW1-Up, JLG1-Up, LFL1-Up, NDE1-Up, NES1-Up, PBE1-Up, PBM1-Up, RAC1-Up, SBZ1-Up, SDC1-Up, SED1-Up, WGC1-Up, WNE1-Up, YSD1-Up, ZMF1-Up)

324D Excavator (Bucket - S/N: BBF1-Up, BTK1-Up, BZW1-Up, CJX1-Up, DFP1-Up, EJC1-Up, JAT1-Up, JGK1-Up, JJG1-Up, JKR1-Up, JLS1-Up, JZR1-Up, LAB1-Up, MND1-Up, PYT1-Up, SYM1-Up, TRH1-Up, TSN1-Up, T2D1-Up)

324D L Excavator (Bucket - S/N: DFP1-Up, JAT1-Up, PYT1-Up)

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This Item Is A Brand New Aftermarket Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit. Matches OEM Kit, All Parts And Seals Are Included.