Caterpillar 2465916 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit


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Caterpillar 2465916 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit

**Please Verify Kit Before Ordering**

Use With OEM Cylinder Numbers: 9T2393, 9T2395

2 PC Piston

Press In Wiper
Rod Seal: U-Seal & Buffer
Piston Seal: Piston Seal

Rod: 1.50"
Bore: 2.25"

Fits Caterpillar® Grader Applications:

12G Grader (Steering - S/N: 61M12027-Up, 3WC1067-Up, 3PL)

12H Grader (Steering - S/N: 4XM1-Up, 5ZM1-Up, 8MN1-Up, 2LR1-Up, 2WR1-Up, 4ER1-Up, 2GS1-Up, AMZ1-Up, CBK1-Up, XZJ1-Up, 1251-Up)

12K Grader (Steering - S/N: JJA1-Up, SZP1-Up)

120G Grader (Steering - S/N: 87V8360-Up, 11W1251-Up, 4HD)

120H Grader (Steering - S/N: 4MK1-Up, 5FM1-Up, 6NM1-Up, 6TM1-Up, 2AN1-Up, 6YN1-Up, 9YR1-Up, ALZ1-Up, CAF1-Up. 1241-Up)

120K Grader (Steering - S/N: JAP1-Up, SZN1-Up)

130G Grader (Steering - S/N: 74V2321-Up, 12W1082-Up)

135H Grader (Steering - S/N: 3YK1-Up, 7MM1-Up, 8WN1-Up, AMX1-Up, BDJ1-Up, CBC1-Up)

140G Grader (Steering - S/N: 72V10334-Up, 13W741-Up, 5MD)

140H Grader (Steering - S/N: 2ZK1-Up, 5HM1-Up, 8JM1-Up, 8KM1-Up, 9TN1-Up, 9ZN1-Up, 3AS1-Up, APM1-Up, CCA1-Up, XZH1-Up, 1261-Up)

140K Grader (Steering - S/N: JPA1-Up, SZL1-Up)

143H Grader (Steering - S/N: 1AL1-Up, APN1-Up)

160G Grader (Steering - S/N: 4JD141-Up)

160H Grader (Steering - S/N: 9EJ1-Up, 2FM1-Up, 3GM1-Up, 6WM1-Up, 9JM1-Up, 2HS1-Up, ASD1-Up, CCP1-Up, XZK1-Up)

160K Grader (Steering - S/N: JBP1-Up, SZM1-Up)

163H Grader (Steering - S/N: 5AK1-Up, ARL1-Up)

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This Item Is A Brand New Aftermarket Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit. Matches OEM Kit, All Parts And Seals Are Included.