Caterpillar 2465916 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit


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Caterpillar 2465916 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit

*Photo Is For Representative Purposes Only And Are Not The Exact Seals*

*This Is A Special Order Seal Kit And May Take Up To 7 Days To Ship, Please Plan Accordingly*

*Please Verify Kit Before Ordering*

*Please Verify All Measurements And Model Numbers (The WHOLE Model Number). It Is Up To You To Decide For Sure If This Item Fits Your Machine. If You Need Help, Please Call Or Email Us.*

Use With OEM Cylinder Numbers: 9T2393, 9T2395

2 PC Piston

Press In Wiper
Rod Seal: U-Seal & Buffer
Piston Seal: Piston Seal

Rod: 1.50"
Bore: 2.25"

Fits Caterpillar® Grader Applications:

12G Grader (Steering - S/N: 61M12027-Up, 3WC1067-Up, 3PL)

12H Grader (Steering - S/N: 4XM1-Up, 5ZM1-Up, 8MN1-Up, 2LR1-Up, 2WR1-Up, 4ER1-Up, 2GS1-Up, AMZ1-Up, CBK1-Up, XZJ1-Up, 1251-Up)

12K Grader (Steering - S/N: JJA1-Up, SZP1-Up)

120G Grader (Steering - S/N: 87V8360-Up, 11W1251-Up, 4HD)

120H Grader (Steering - S/N: 4MK1-Up, 5FM1-Up, 6NM1-Up, 6TM1-Up, 2AN1-Up, 6YN1-Up, 9YR1-Up, ALZ1-Up, CAF1-Up. 1241-Up)

120K Grader (Steering - S/N: JAP1-Up, SZN1-Up)

130G Grader (Steering - S/N: 74V2321-Up, 12W1082-Up)

135H Grader (Steering - S/N: 3YK1-Up, 7MM1-Up, 8WN1-Up, AMX1-Up, BDJ1-Up, CBC1-Up)

140G Grader (Steering - S/N: 72V10334-Up, 13W741-Up, 5MD)

140H Grader (Steering - S/N: 2ZK1-Up, 5HM1-Up, 8JM1-Up, 8KM1-Up, 9TN1-Up, 9ZN1-Up, 3AS1-Up, APM1-Up, CCA1-Up, XZH1-Up, 1261-Up)

140K Grader (Steering - S/N: JPA1-Up, SZL1-Up)

143H Grader (Steering - S/N: 1AL1-Up, APN1-Up)

160G Grader (Steering - S/N: 4JD141-Up)

160H Grader (Steering - S/N: 9EJ1-Up, 2FM1-Up, 3GM1-Up, 6WM1-Up, 9JM1-Up, 2HS1-Up, ASD1-Up, CCP1-Up, XZK1-Up)

160K Grader (Steering - S/N: JBP1-Up, SZM1-Up)

163H Grader (Steering - S/N: 5AK1-Up, ARL1-Up)

This Item Is A Brand New Aftermarket Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit. Matches OEM Kit, All Parts And Seals Are Included.