Caterpillar 8T3593 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit


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CATERPILLAR 8T3593 HYDRAULIC CYLINDER SEAL KIT Fits OEM Cylinder, Please verify kit before ordering. Use With Cylinder Numbers: 116534, 4T6877, 4T6879, 9T0420, 9T0421, 9T2762, 9T5216, 9T7069, 9T7070 PRESS IN WIPER ROD SEAL TYPE: U-SEAL & BUFFER PISTON SEAL TYPE: PISTON SEAL ROD: 2.125" BORE: 4.00" FITS: LOADER BACKHOE 416 LOADER BACKHOE (SWING LH, STABILIZER) 416B LOADER BACKHOE (STABILIZER LH) 428 LOADER BACKHOE (STICK, SWING) 436 LOADER BACKHOE (SWING LH) 436B LOADER BACKHOE (STABILIZER RH) 438 LOADER BACKHOE (SWING) This item is a brand new Aftermarket Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit. Matches OEM Kit, all parts and seals are included.