Caterpillar 1566471 Excavator Lower Door Window Cab Glass


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Caterpillar 1566471 Excavator Lower Door Window Cab Glass

*Please Verify All Measurements And Model Numbers (The WHOLE Model Number). It Is Up To You To Decide For Sure If This Item Fits Your Machine. If You Need Help, Please Call Or Email Us.*

Dimensions: 5 MM Thick, 885 MM Width, 500 MM Height

2 Holes

Green Tinted Tempered Safety Glass
DOT Certified
Individually boxed, Does Not Include Hardware, Frame or Seals

Fits Caterpillar® Excavator Models:

311C, 311D LRR (S/N CLA, DDW, DWR, LKA, PNJ), 311F LRR312C, 312C L, 312D (S/N DLP, HCW, LRK, HJX, KCD), 312D L (S/N JBC, TGY), 312F GC (S/N FKE), 313D (S/N KXD, WPK), 313F GC (S/N ZGS), 313F LGC (S/N GJD, HDK), 315C, 315C L, 315D L (S/N CJN, JHA, KBD, NCM), 318C, 318C L, 318D L (S/N ZKJ), 318F L (S/N HCP), 319C L, 319D (S/N BZH, DAY), 319D L (S/N EAW), 319D LN (S/N FMH), 320C, 320C L, 320C S, 320D (S/N A6F, BZP, CXY, FAL, JFZ, JGZ, JPD, MCH, MZD), 320D L (S/N A8F, A9F, DHK, KGF, KZF, MDE, MGG, PHX), 320D LN (S/N WBN), 320D LRR (S/N EBY, FXK, TAE, XCK, ZGB), 320D RR (S/N GKL, YDS), 322C, 322C L, 323D L, (S/N BYM, JLG, NDE, PBM, SDC, LFL, NZF, PBE, WGC, YSD), 323D LN (S/N CYD, RAC), 323D S (S/N DKW, SED), 324D (S/N T2D, CJX, JZR), 324D L (S/N SYM, DFP, JJG, TSN, LAB), 324D LN (S/N EJC), 325C, 325C L, 325D (S/N GPB, PKE, DBH, KDG), 325D L (S/N GBR, LAL, MCL, T2S, A3R, AZP, CYW, ERK, JCL, KBE, SCR, NAC, PAL), 326D L (S/N PJM), 329D (S/N BYS, WDK), 329D L (S/N BFC, TPM, DJF, JHJ, MNB, RSK, LGN), 329D LN (S/N SCY), 330C, 330C L, 330C LN, 330D (S/N EAH, JJM, MEY),  330D L (S/N ERN, LRM, RAS, T2Y, THJ, B6H, EDX, FFK, GBC, JLP, MAG, MYP, NBD, R2D, HAS), 330D LN (S/N GGE), 330D MH (S/N PEL, C5K, LEM), 336D (S/N KKT, JBT), 336D L (S/N DTS, JBF, KDJ, WET, J2F, M4T, MDS, MPL, PRF, W3K, ZML), 336D LN (S/N MYP, LK5), 340D L (S/N JTN), 345C, 345C L, 345D (S/N NEG), 345D L (S/N RGD, RGG, EEH, JKN, MLK, PBT, RAE, RAJ, YEE), 349D (S/N GKF, MEN), 349D L (S/N JGB, KHS, KLH, NNF, PZG, RBJ), 365C, 365C L, 374D L (S/N PAP, PAS, PAX, PJA), 385C, 385C FS, 385C L, 390D (S/N BYP, KCZ), 390D L (S/N WAG, WAP, WBT)