Case Wheel Loader Seat & Hydraulic Suspension - Fits Various Models - Black Vinyl


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Case Aftermarket Seat & Hydraulic Suspension For Wheel Loaders


  • Durable fabric or vinyl covering
  • Available for hydralic or mechanical assembly
  • Steel frame
  • Backrest and seat have steel cores
  • 2" thick backrest and 4" thick seat foam cushion to ensure operator comfort
  • Fold-up armrests
  • Strong wear resistance

Available Color Options:

  • Hydraulic Black Fabric Assembly (PN: 7268)
  • Mechanical Black Fabric Assembly (PN: 7106)
  • Hydraulic Black Vinyl Assembly (PN: 7269)
  • Mechanical Black Vinyl Assembly (PN: 7107)
  • Hydraulic Brown Fabric Assembly (PN: 7270)
  • Hydraulic Red Fabric Assembly (PN: 7271)
  • Mechanical Red Fabric Assembly (PN: 7109)

Available Maintenance Items:

  • Replacement Armrests in Black Fabric: Left-Hand (PN: 7333) or Right-Hand (PN: 7329)
  • Replacement Armrests in Black Vinyl: Left-Hand (PN: 7334) or Right-Hand (PN: 7330)
  • Replacement Armrests in Brown Fabric: Left-Hand (PN: 7335) or Right-Hand (PN: 7331)
  • Replacement Armrests in Red Fabric: Left-Hand (PN: 7336) or Right-Hand (PN: 7332)
  • Replacement Black Dura-Tex Armrests: Left-Hand (PN: 7330) or Right-Hand (PN: 7334)
  • Replacement Backrest Cushions: Black Fabric (PN: 7110) Black Vinyl (PN: 7111), Brown Fabric (PN: 7112), Red Fabric (PN: 7113) or Gray Fabric (PN: 7724)
  • Replacement Seat Cushions: Black Fabric (PN: 7116), Black Vinyl (PN: 7117), Brown Fabric (PN: 7118), Red Fabric (PN: 7119) or Gray Fabric (PN: 7725)

Please Note: Cushions are replaceable, but sold separately.

This seat assembly will only fit if your original seat assembly is Sears brand OEM with arms that flip up. Will not fit if you have the Agri-King or Comfort King styles.

Fits Case® Wheel Loaders: 621, 721, 821, 621B, 721B, 821B