Case Roller Seat & Air Suspension - Fits Various Models - Black/Gray Cloth


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Case Aftermarket Seat & Air Suspension For Rollers


  • Grammer MSG95/741 Seat
  • Durable Black/Gray Matrix Fabric covering
  • Air suspension with 12-Volt compressor
  • Plush and spacious cushions for operator comfort
  • Reclining backrest with tapered back support
  • Backrest extension for extra backrest height
  • Adjustable mechanical lumbar support to help prevent lower back pain
  • Seat cushion depth adjustment
  • Seat cushion angle adjustment
  • Adjustable fold-up armrests
  • Air adjustment switch for individual fit and comfort
  • Fore/aft isolator with 8.25" of travel absorbs jarring for extra comfort
  • Adjustable slide rails with 4" of travel
  • Comes with operator presence switch
  • Shock absorber adjustments for individual comfort

Includes a durable suspension cover to keep components free of dirt and dust.

Available Options:

  • Swivel Kit (PN: 5007)
  • Retractable Seat Belt Kit (PN: 7996)
  • MSG85/95 Lateral Isolator Kit* (PN: 8400)
  • The MSG85/95 Lateral Isolator Kit will only work if a Grammer 700 Series seat top is being used.

Available Maintenance Items (Only Fit This Seat Assembly, Not OEM):

  • Replacement Fold-Up Armrests: Left-Hand (PN: 8538) or Right-Hand (PN: 8539)
  • Replacement Fold-Up & Adjustable Armrests: Left-Hand (PN: 7966) or Right-Hand (PN: 7967)
  • Replacement Backrest Cushion in Brown Fabric (PN: 8245)
  • Replacement Seat Cushion in Brown Fabric (PN: 8244)
  • Replacement Backrest Extension Kit in Black/Gray Matrix Fabric (PN: 8365)
  • Replacement Backrest Extension Install Kit (PN: 8573)
  • Replacement Backrest Cushion in Black/Gray Matrix Fabric (PN: 7995)
  • Replacement Seat Cushion in Black/Gray Matrix Fabric (PN: 8251)
  • Replacement Backrest Adjust Handle Kit (PN: 8158)
  • Replacement LH or RH Backrest Adjustment Handle Kit (PN: 8448)
  • Replacement MSG85/95 Seat Belt Cover Kit (PN: 8372)
  • Replacement Slide Rail Kit (PN: 6048)
  • Replacement 12-Volt Air Compressor Kit (PN: 7993)
  • Replacement Airbag Kit (PN: 8020)
  • Replacement Air Hose Kit (PN: 8237)
  • Replacement MSG95 Fore/Aft Isolator Handle (PN: 8572)
  • Replacement MSG95 Fore/Aft Isolator Kit (PN: 8210)
  • Replacement MSG95 Fore/Aft Isolator Lock Kit (PN: 8513)
  • Replacement MSG95 Shock Kit (PN: 8294)
  • Replacement Suspension Switch (PN: 8023)
  • Replacement Swing Arm Kit (PN: 8131)
  • Replacement Operator Presence Switch (PN: 7961)

Please Note: For Brown Fabric option, please order (PN: 8436).

Fits Case® Rollers: SV208, SV210, SV212