Case 1543262C1 G105549 G109460 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit


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Case 1543262C1 G105549 G109460 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit

**Please Verify Kit Before Ordering**

Supercedes Part Numbers: G105549, G109460

Use With OEM Cylinder Numbers: G101184, G101190, G101191, G101220

1 PC Piston

Press In Wiper
Rod Seal: U-Seal & Buffer
Piston Seal: Piston Seal

Rod: 1.75"
Bore: 3.00"

Fits Case® Applications:

Crawler Tractor-Loader

350 Crawler Tractor-Loader w/BH Models 26, 26B, 26C, 26S (Backhoe Bucket (BH Model 26C), Loader Clam, Loader Lift)
350B Crawler Tractor-Loader w/BH Models 26C, 26D (Backhoe Bucket (BH Model 26C), Backhoe Stabilizer (BH Model 26D), Loader Clam, Loader Lift)
450 Crawler Tractor-Loader w/BH Models 26, 26B, 26C, 26S, 32, 33, 35 (Backhoe Bucket (BH Model 26C), Loader Hydra Leveling - S/N: 3060306-Up, Loader Tilt - S/N: 3060306-Up)
450B, 450C, 455B, 455C Crawler Tractor-Loader w/BH Models (Backhoe Stabilizer (BH Model 26D)
550 Crawler Tractor-Loader w/BH Model 26D (Backhoe Stabilizer)
850B Crawler Tractor-Loader w/BH Models 35 (Dozer Lift (Tilt Dozer)
850C, 855C Crawler Tractor-Loader (Dozer Lift (Tilt Dozer)
1150B Crawler Tractor-Loader (Dozer Angle)
1150C, 1150D, 1155D Crawler Tractor-Loader (Dozer Angle)
1150E, 1155E Crawler Tractor-Loader (Dozer Angle)


480C Loader/Backhoe (Backhoe Stabilizer (Models w/o Extendable Dipper), Backhoe Bucket)
480D Loader/Backhoe 480D LL Loader/Landscaper (Backhoe Stabilizer (Models w/o Extendable Dipper)
480F Loader/Backhoe, 480F LL Loader/Landscaper (Loader Clam)
580B Loader/Backhoe With BH Model 35 (Loader Clam, Loader Hydra Leveling)
580C Loader/Backhoe (Loader Clam, Loader Lift)
580C Construction King Loader/Backhoe (Loader Clam LH, Loader Clam RH, Loader Lift)
580D, 580 Super D Loader/Backhoe (Loader Lift, Loader Clam)
580 Super E Loader/Backhoe (Loader Lift, Loader Clam)
580F Loader/Backhoe (Backhoe Stabilizer - S/N: 3.785.896-Up (Side Shift Backhoe), Loader Clam (4-In-1 Bucket)
580G Loader/Backhoe (Loader Clam, Backhoe Stabilizer (Side Shift Backhoe)
580K Loader/Backhoe (Loader Clam (Use With CG101190, G101191 Cyls), Side Shift Stabilizer)
580 Super K Loader/Backhoe (Loader Clam)
680C Loader/Backhoe (Loader Tilt)
680E Loader/Backhoe (Loader Tilt)
680K Loader/Backhoe (Loader Tilt)
680L Loader/Backhoe (Loader Tilt)


MB4/94 Unimog (Backhoe Bucket, Backhoe Stabilizer (Models w/o Extendable Dipper)

Wheel Loader

W11, W11B Wheel Loader (Loader Clam)
W14, W14H Wheel Loader, W14FL Feedlot Special (Loader Tilt, Backhoe Bucket (BH Model 26C)

This Item Is A Brand New Aftermarket Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit. Matches OEM Kit, All Parts And Seals Are Included.